Friday, April 23, 2010

Don't you step on my

Blue suede shoes.


Oops, these aren't blue. Or suede. Or shoes. But they are beautiful. You have to give me some credit. Happy ALMOSTSUMMEROMGICAN'TWAIT!!! These days, I'm all about bringing the late 90's back. Low-rise, flare jeans, midriffs, wearing a  tankini every day, and nail polish. Seriously. Nail. Polish. Right now mine are yellow. Tomorrow they'll be baby blue, and the next maybe a crimson. If my friend let's me steal it from her.

 Until next time, have a puppy.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Some cliche's are unavoidable



(awkward cough)
Now for some style.

The perfect winter outfit? No. But too bad.
Everything's Forever 21 except for the boots, which are Miu Miu.

More yum.

With that, have a great-- zzzzzzzz.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Orange you glad it's not gray and gloomy?


Ah, the joy of bright colors(aka orange)!

I know the third one is a little weird and pineapple-y. It's a kiwano, or a horned melon.And it's green inside. Maybe kind of like a reverse watermelon kiwi pear? No? Okay.

But one day, I will wear all three of these on some part of my outfit. I'm thinking the persimmon should be a hat? And definitely a kumquat belt. And while we're on the subject of fashion, AAAAHHHH!!  Manolo Blahnik for Thakoon shoes, Forever 21 elastic waist shirt, and sheer zebra tights and a cool jacket that I have no photo credit for, as I stole it off google.


CUTENESS!! x239856.
and don't forget the persimmon hat.

Jump right in

to the world of bloggage. And preferably not off of a cliff. Well, shall I introduce myself?

I'm Sarah. I like costumes, drawing, food, and the sky. I'm 13 and cute as a button that was broken into eighths and fed to a dying  colony of hairy beetles. I live in a cramped studio in LA, and I'm homeschooled. I have friends. Even some black ones. I talk a lot, and if I'm not talking, watch out, I'm probably planning world domination. Or even more likely, I want you to star in my next short film.

This blog is, for now, an experiment. To see how far I can take it without moving on to bigger and better things, like V logging. Instead of B logging. But idk, I liek wurds moar lul.  

Eh, not off to a bad start.